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Fishing vessel in New Bedford Harbor
Photo by Mike Estabrook.

What will be your catch of the day? Whether you are looking for scallops or mackerel, cod or quahogs, your source for fresh New Bedford Seafood is all here.  Our port’s highly experienced and knowledgeable seafood processors and distributors are ready and able to service all of your seafood needs. Navigate the directory below to source your fresh New Bedford Seafood today!

Photo by Mike Estabrook.


A & A Seafood Inc685 Orchard St, New Bedford, MA 02744Seafood508-991-5886
AML International7 Conway St, New Bedford, MA 02740-7287SeafoodFacebook Page508-979-1200
Atlantic Capes Fisheries Inc.255 Macarthur Drive, New Bedford, MASea scallops, Surf clams, Squid, Mackeral, Oysterswww.atlanticcapes.comJeffrey Bolton508-990-9040
Atlantic Choice Inc.7 Conway Street, New Bedford, MAFish, SeafoodAlice Telletier508-991-3612
Atlantic Coast Fisheries Corporation110 Herman Melville Blvd, New Bedford, MA 02740-7344Fish, Seafoodwww.Acfish.ComEinar Gustafsson508-999-5861
Atlantic Gem Scallop Co8 South St., New Bedford, MA 02740-7221Scallopswww.seatrade-international.com www.myseafood.comExecutive508-999-5861
Atlantic Red Crab Co.132 Herman Melville Blvd, New Bedford, MARed crabwww.atlanticredcrab.comJon Williams508-990-3200
Belaflora Seafoods301 Herman Melville Blvd, New Bedford, MAFish, Seafood508-999-0104
Bergie's Seafood8 Hassey Street, New Bedford, MASeafoodwww.capequalityseafood.com Facebook Page508-999-4447
Big G Seafood Inc.40 Antonio Costa Avenue, New Bedford, MAConch meat or channeled whelk or scungilliwww.biggseafood.comGeorge Smith508-994-5113
Blue Harvest Fisheries, LLC40 Herman Melville Blvd.Fish, Scallops, Crab www.blueharborfisheries.comtom.bastoni@bhfisheries.com508-997-0031
Boat Mary Anne Inc114 Macarthur Dr., New Bedford, MA 02740-7279Fishes508-993-0235
Cape Quality8 Hassey St, New Bedford, MA 02740-7209Lobster, Shrimp, Fishwww.capequalityseafood.comExecutive508-996-6724
Cape Quality Seafood Inc.85 Mcarthur St., New Bedford, MAHaddock, Yellowtail, Chx, Lobsters, Wild fishwww.capequalityseafood.comExecutive508-997-5776
Carlos Seafood350 South Front Street, New Bedford, MALobster, Shrimp, Conch, Kingfish, Stonecrabswww.carlosseafood.comCarlos Rafael508-997-8971
Eastern Fisheries Inc.14 Hervey Tichon Ave, New Bedford, MA 02740-7348Scallops, Flatfish, Pacific Cod, Dogfishwww.easternfisheries.comRoy Enoksen508-993-5300
Foley Fish Company77 Wright St, New Bedford, MABaby shrimp, Jonah crab, Calamari, Groundfish, Salmon, Sea Scallops, Swordfish, Tuna, Shellfish, Foley fishwww.foleyfish.com Facebook PagePeter Ramsden508-997-0773
Fresh Catch Seafood Express1497 Cove Rd. New Bedford, MASeafoodFacebook Page800-932-7440
International C Food Inc.50 Homers Wharf, New Bedford, MAFish, SeafoodEdward Nasser508-996-4377
JT Seafood Products164 North Front St., New Bedford, MAScallopswww.jtseaproducts.comErin Marshall508-992-3288
Kavanagh Fisheries Inc84 Front St, New Bedford, MA 02740-7262FishesLawrence Kavanagh508-274-3474
Kyler's Catch Seafood Market2 Washburn Street, New Bedford, MACod, Haddock, Flounder, Sole, Bay and Sea Scallops, Salmon, Tilapia, Tuna, Lobsters, Fish, Shrimp, Shellfishwww.kylerseafood.comJeff Manfelt508-984-5150
Lisbon Sausage Co Inc433 S 2nd St, New Bedford, MA 02740-5764Linguica, Chourico, Porkwww.amarals.comJoan508-996-6451
Lobster Anywhere12 Oakland Street
Amesbury, MA 01913
Live Lobster,
Lobster Tails, New Bedford Scallops, Fresh Seafood Gifts
M&B Sea Products110 Herman Melville Boulevard, New Bedford, MA 02740Sea Scallops, Bay Scallops, Atlantic Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Monkwww.freshseascallops.comDave508-979-1020
Marder Trawling Inc.57 Hassey St., New Bedford, MASeafoods, Scallops, Dogfish, Skate, Monkfish, Ocean Perchwww.marderbrands.comBrian Marder508-991-3200
Marder Trawling Inc.22 S Water St, New Bedford, MA 02740-7235Fresh and Frozen Scallops, Skate, Codfish, Monkfish, Dogfish, Redfish seafoodwww.marderbrands.comExecutive508-991-3200
Mariner Seafood LLC14 South Street, New Bedford, MAWild caught and farm-raised finfish, Scallops, Salmonwww.marinerseafood.comRyan Wilkinson774-202-4121
Nebula Foods Inc50 Hassey St, New Bedford, MA 02740-7209Fish, SeafoodFacebook PageCarlos Vassal508-999-6274
New Bedford Seafoods LLC40 Herman Melville Blvd, New Bedford, MA 02740-7344Seafood508-991-6419
Northern Palegic Group LLC4 Fish Island, New Bedford, MAAtlantic Herring, Atlantic Mackerel, Fisheswww.norpel.comBillie Schofield508-979-1171
Northern Wind Inc16 Hassey St, New Bedford, MA 02740-7209Scallops, Tuna, Lobster, Monkfish, Headfish, Skatewww.northernwind.comPaul Rego508-997-0727
Oceans Fleet Fisheries Inc.20 Blackmer St, New Bedford, MA 02744-2614Scallops, Swordfish, Tuna, Halibut, Crab, Lobster, Monkfishwww.oceansfleet.comExecutive508-996-3742
Pier Fish Company68 Conway Street, New Bedford, MA 02740Scallops, Halibut, Cod, Tilapia, Monkfish, Salmon, Shellfishwww.pierfish.comRichard Barry508-990-9997
Quality Custom Packing75 Macarthur Drive, New Bedford, MAScallops, Seafoodswww.qualitycustompacking.comJohn Viera508-993-0717
Sea Born Products13 Centre Street, New Bedford, MA 02740-6381Scallops,Shrimp,Tuna,Swordfish,Halibut,Salmon,Trout Steelhead, various Lobster,Spot Prawns, Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Mediterranean Sea Bass, Black Sea Bass, Table Fish, Cod, Haddock,Rainbow Trout, Mussels, Atlantic Salmonwww.seabornproducts.comJeffrey Lang508-994-8600
Sea Raven114 Macarthur Drive, New Bedford, MASeafood508-997-2834
Sea View Fillet Company16 Hassey St, New Bedford, MA 02740-7209Seafood, Fillet, Fishes508-997-6541
Sea Watch International15 Antonio Costa Avenue, New Bedford, MAVariety of Clams, Seafoodwww.seawatch.comSandy Harbick508-984-1406
Seatrade International8 South Street, New Bedford, MASea Scallops, Bay Scallops, Cape Shark, Dog Fish, Monk Fish, Skatewww.seatrade-international.com www.myseafood.comExecutive508-996-3884
Seaway Company7 Conway Street, New Bedford, MASeafoodStephen Doonan508-992-1221
Tichon Sea Food7 Conway Street, New Bedford, MAScallops, Lobster, Fishwww.tichonseafood.comDaniel E. Tichon508-999-5607
Tokai International Inc17 Arnold Pl, New Bedford, MA 02740-3634Fish, Seafood508-997-4405
Top Quality Seafood & Shellfish25 Wright St., New Bedford, MALobster, Seafood, Shellfishwww.topqualityseafood.comFrank Tapper508-979-1056
Trio Algarvio Seafood Co.Greene & Wood Pier, New Bedford, MASeafood508-993-5868
Whaling City Seafood Auction62 Hassey Street, New Bedford, MAFish, Scallop, Large Cod, Market Cod, Scrod Cod, Mixed Cod, Gillnet Large Cod, Gillnet Market Cod, Gillnet Scrod Cod, Haddock, Small Haddock, Pollock, Medium Pollock, Cusk, Large Hake, Medium Hake, Small Hake, Sow Hake, Halibut, Red Fish, Yellow Tail, Sea Dabs, Lemonsole Georges, Shoal Flounder, Grey Sole, Monk Tails, Skate Wings, Whiting, Scallops, Day Boat, Scall, Maaawww.baseseafood.comRichard Canastar508-990-0799
Packaging Products Corporation198 Herman Melville Boulevard,
New Bedford, MA 02740 USA
BeGreen, Sealed Filletwww.pkgprod.comExecutive508-997-5150