Fishing Boats at New Bedford seaport
New Bedford Seafood lobster
New Bedford Seafood scallops
New Bedford Seafood clams
New Bedford Seafood fish


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Welcome to the home of New Bedford Seafood, delivered fresh from the Port of New Bedford, Massachusetts – New England’s Seafood Hub.

New Bedford Seafood Scallops
New Bedford Seafood Scallops

The Port of New Bedford is a deep-water commercial port on the south coast of Massachusetts, located within a day’s steam off the Atlantic’s most historic and bountiful fishing grounds, including Nantucket Shoals, Georges Bank and the Great South Channel—grounds blessed with abundant sea scallops and an array of fish.

Fishermen in the Port of New Bedford land wild, fresh seafood that is processed and shipped fresh. Coming back from sea, fishermen offload straight from their boats to the New Bedford Seafood Auction or to any one of the numerous fish houses along the waterfront.

New Bedford Seafood Fish
New Bedford Seafood Fish

Seafood from the Port of New Bedford is the most sustainably caught seafood in the world. All of the Port’s fishermen follow fishery management regulations that prevent overfishing and minimize environmental damage.